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I’ve moved

You can now find me here where I have a whole lot more control over how things look. Please update your bookmark, all one of you.


Slab Serifs

A couple that I like and will try to use in projects:
Sebastian Lester’s Soho (Professional Pack at £807), a super family with 40 fonts. And now with the addition of Soho Gothic, it is even superer.

Stag, especially Stag Dots. I first saw it in Esquire. It was absolutely brilliant. Christian Schwartz can do no wrong.

Calvert: Today I discovered that it was designed by Margaret Calvert, the road sign designer that was featured on Top Gear.

Lubalin Graph (but not the condensed), although with Neutra Slab (US$249) there is simply no reason for it, except if you are on a budget.

Memphis (US$19.95 per weight)

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Ikeahacker to create more table space. Plus paint the two pieces of furniture in the backyard.

Divide and conquer: list and unitask

The idea is to get the links sorted so that things can be found easily.

Notable today

Hitchcock posters reimagined.

Word Project: Odd and obscure words illustrated.

Eames Century Modern: I’m in love

Obama hires Edward Tufte, “Da Vinci of information graphics”

DPA is site of the day

DPA is on page crush.
See more manic page crushes here.

Edit 14 March: It’s on designaside as well.

Links to check out

Typographic posters
Type theory
AIGA Salary Survey
Think for a living

From makeready:
Typefaces no one gets fired for using and its less mature counterpart: typobituaries.
Hand drawn type

And some links to keep:
Gummy bear chandelier
I didn’t even know that there’s a white Olivetti Valentine.

Link Diary

From behance: infographics, Mari, typeface anatomy

From ilovetypography: Frederic Warde Printers Ornaments and typegoodness.

From decor8: Forever is Today

Vanishing Point

What type are you?: I don’t know why I haven’t seen this, it seems so old.

Link to read: The Designer’s Review of Books

Chocolate & Type

From laissezfaire: Fabric flowers for Peter Copping / Nina Ricci Fall

Beautiful Bokeh

Ethereal bokeh type via @jijunn via ilovetypography.

Totally Amazing Posters!

More posters than you can shake a stick at. And yes, they’re amazing ones too.


Paul Rand on permanence

A good solution, in addition to being right, should have the potential for longevity. Yet I don’t think one can design for permanence. One designs for function, for usefulness, rightness, beauty. Permanence is up to God. — Paul Rand