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Month: March, 2007

Die spammers

Been trying this. It works fairly well, except in the case of one recipient who told me, “I didn’t sign up, cos I thought it was a hoax and after I sign up, they’re gonna spam me.” 😦

And this excellent site from Ben.

And Baked Ideas was in Urban last Thursday.

And my sinuses cleared last Friday!

Dawn’s solo show What makes beautiful is on April 14.

An eventful last week.


How can it be?

I say, and so say I,
My morning thought it knew itself just fine,
Until, across the room,
It caught it’s first glimpse of my afternoon,
How can it be,
That these things live in me?

I say, and so say I,
My morning’s day,
seems nothing like it’s night.
My, night, so self-assured,
was all at sea when faced with dawn’s strange world

How can it be,
That these things live in me?

Forever Thursday

via AdAge

Grid It

I’m having hiccups, Jimmy’s having a cough. We both haven’t been out much lately.
Still, not much time to surf anymore.

Grid It What a dream come true!
The umbrella story: should probably go together with the rest of the pentagram stuff. Some confused client told me they were dropping the umbrella and I believed him. Duh!
Type for you: type blog

Ah yes, dawn bought me some watercolour stuff today. I even painted something vaguely resembling a self-portrait!

Link Dump – 50 Amazing Ads You Haven’t Seen

Time Redesign by Pentagram via Print.

Economist redesign. Who did it?

Mar 08: Started seeing a chiro.
Mar 15: Food styling gig.

Offline / Online

Thinking with Type
Elements of Typographic Style

Imelda Barkos

Today we brought Ren to her groomer at Vivo City.

I tried on a very edgy black dress at Zara. It was an A-line dress with a pleated yoke that becomes two very structured and puffy butterfly sleeves. The dress, I thought, was perfect. But when I looked in the mirror, all I could think of was Imelda Marcos!

Style Living

Two fairground lamps are featured in the March issue of Style Living! Thanks to Patricia Caddy.

Today we’re trying to upgrade to MySQL4.0. Well wordpress better be worth it.

Full Circle

I can’t find this link on alternatives to Arial and Verdana. I think it was on simple bits or one of them css blogs but I can’t find it now. I know it’s not this though there are some useful links in the reference.

Invisible Sphere

“It’s the invisible sphere. The traditional globe has been vaporized and all that is left behind is the atmosphere.” I wish I had said these words or named this trend, but all credit goes to the incomparable designer Miles Newlyn.

And I wish I had written that, but all the credit goes to LogoLounge.

Feeling extremely sad that I missed Dawn and Jinghui’s dip show. 😦


We have an entire box of mandarins leftover from Chinese New Year, so we made mandarin juice. It looked exactly like F&N orange and tasted like rockmelon juice. Not as bad as it sounds really.