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Month: February, 2010


My little sister is now a mother. This photo of Aaden was taken when he was just a few hours old. He had us all marvelling at his headful of black hair, sideburns and hairy ears.

I wanna get this Helveticaca onesie for him.


Lilliputian Letters

Send your sweet nothings via The World’s Smallest Postal Service. and you can be sure that they’ll be read.

The Odds are Stacked

Came across these beautiful stacked houses today and immediately wanted to own one. [via]

But I’d be equally happy, or even happier (cos I’m really cheap) in one of these.

Lost Engagement Cookies

See also Helveticookies and Mr Eaves cupcakes.

Adobe Cook

Wish I could cook like that.

And it kinda reminds me of this, which is done on a much larger scale.


Baked these today. Thinking of setting up a separate blog for baking related stuff.

Fraktur Fetish

I’m gonna dump all my blackletter links here, starting with this, this and this.

We’re Bingo Numbers

We had to implement this on a website and thankfully this information was on the web:
Regarding the NRIC math behind the letter, it’s called a checksum. This is to help check whether the actual IC numbers are valid and not just random numbers.

The math goes like this:

1) Take for example I want to test the NRIC number S1234567. The first digit you multiply by 2, second multiply by 7, third by 6, fourth by 5, fifth by 4, sixth by 3, seventh by 2. Then you add the totals together. So,1×2+2×7+3×6+4×5+5×4+6×3+7×2=106.

2) If the first letter of the NRIC starts with T or G, add 4 to the total.

3) Then you divide the number by 11 and get the remainder. 106/11=9r7

4) You can get the alphabet depending on the IC type (the first letter in the IC) using the code below:
If the IC starts with S or T: 0=J, 1=Z, 2=I, 3=H, 4=G, 5=F, 6=E, 7=D, 8=C, 9=B, 10=A
If the IC starts with F or G: 0=X, 1=W, 2=U, 3=T, 4=R, 5=Q, 6=P, 7=N, 8=M, 9=L, 10=K

here and here

Her Morning Elegance

This was the second video that caught my eye and started my collection of whimsical video links.

Whoever whatever

I like this. It fits into the LOST phase that we’re in right now. I wonder where this really came from.