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Jenny sent me this poetic window display for Hermes by Tokujin Yoshioka. In mersmerising slow motion, the “model” — a face on a TV screen or a projection on the wall — breathes life into the iconic Hermes scarf, which in turn swells and flutters.

Apart from the flatscreen and the scarf, the window is unadorned. Everything from the bare faced model, the black and white footage and the spartan window is designed to train the gaze on the scarf.

The idea is could not be more appropriate, the execution is flawless, and the result is breathtaking.

I am just happy that the client did not ask for a more “expensive-looking”, “ornate” or “dressed up” window.


Love in the age of Google

Still on the topic of Valentine’s Day, I thought that this ad by google sums up quite neatly what it means to be in love these days — a lot of googling. But then again, I think that anything worth doing these days would have to involve some kind of googling.

Google has saved my ass more than once, such as the time when my ganache split and google told me to whizz it with a blender. It worked and my mom was like, “那个电脑叫你这样做啊?” The internet skeptic was impressed.


A mastercard commercial that Ade sent to me. It reminded me of the JC Penney one. I really like the messages and the aesthetic of both commercials.