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I’ve moved

You can now find me here where I have a whole lot more control over how things look. Please update your bookmark, all one of you.




Ikeahacker to create more table space. Plus paint the two pieces of furniture in the backyard.

Divide and conquer: list and unitask

The idea is to get the links sorted so that things can be found easily.

Maunsell Sea Forts

Saw these seaforts via the coolist and have been fascinated ever since. They were built during the Second World War and most of them are in varying states of decay. One of them remains inhabited has even become a micronation.


My little sister is now a mother. This photo of Aaden was taken when he was just a few hours old. He had us all marvelling at his headful of black hair, sideburns and hairy ears.

I wanna get this Helveticaca onesie for him.

The Odds are Stacked

Came across these beautiful stacked houses today and immediately wanted to own one. [via]

But I’d be equally happy, or even happier (cos I’m really cheap) in one of these.

Google images of Manic

Still on the topic of google, I came across this street view image of the office and neighbours on Google Maps. All three houses — 22, 24 and 26 — are so different now, and that’s probably only taken only a year ago.

Love is…

Now that we’ve moved to a more permanent place, mom’s been asking me to bring back all my stuff from her storeroom. And I’m still surprised by the things that I can find in there. This little gem of a book used to belong to my aunt, and I think it’s a fun read for Valentine’s Day. It’s from 1971 and seriously yellowed but Kim Grove’s drawings are cute as hell, and sweet without being sappy.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Btw, I got flowers yesterday — 14 roses to be exact, one for each year. It was totally unexpected. I’m trying out this tutorial to get softer colours. But I think it need a few more tries at it.

Stalker talk

I miss you the second you leave

I’ve been looking for some image bookmarking sites now that dropular is down. I found weheartit but the server seems a little slow. I would’ve liked to use Image Spark because of its sexy interface, but it simply does not work for me! I can’t even log in. I hope they fix it soon.

Since we’re so close to Valentine’s Day and deejays on radio are just spouting absolute crap about love, I need to post some love-related stuff of my own. Otherwise v-day will just go to the dogs.

This just in: Armin and Bryony redesigns Valentine’s Day.

Super useful stamp ring from here. You can imprint a not-so-secret message when you shake someone’s hand. Sweet.

Two Piet Heins

Saw these mostest awesomest furniture while we’re walking around in Barcelona. The only reason I can remember the designer’s name is because at first, I thought he was the Dutch poet and mathematician.

Time on my Hands

I had some time on my hands this morning, so I decided to install WideMail. Immediately, I organized a few hundred emails into folders. And I’ve been chipping away at it for ages. It just keeps piling up. Now it seems I finally stand a chance of winning the battle against email! I’ve always been a skeptic, so I’m amazed at how a little thing like interface can make such a difference.

Now I’m also considering Things. I need to find a way to do all the things that I want to do. Such as get more serious about photography, etc etc etc etc etc.

Both via Suberapps.

And yes, I need to come up with a better blog title too. Hole in my Head is morbid and lame.