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Link Diary

From behance: infographics, Mari, typeface anatomy

From ilovetypography: Frederic Warde Printers Ornaments and typegoodness.

From decor8: Forever is Today

Vanishing Point

What type are you?: I don’t know why I haven’t seen this, it seems so old.

Link to read: The Designer’s Review of Books

Chocolate & Type

From laissezfaire: Fabric flowers for Peter Copping / Nina Ricci Fall


Warm and Fuzzy Feeling

How do you translate that warm fuzzy feeling into something you can see and feel literally?

Adobe Cook

Wish I could cook like that.

And it kinda reminds me of this, which is done on a much larger scale.

Her Morning Elegance

This was the second video that caught my eye and started my collection of whimsical video links.

Love in the age of Google

Still on the topic of Valentine’s Day, I thought that this ad by google sums up quite neatly what it means to be in love these days — a lot of googling. But then again, I think that anything worth doing these days would have to involve some kind of googling.

Google has saved my ass more than once, such as the time when my ganache split and google told me to whizz it with a blender. It worked and my mom was like, “那个电脑叫你这样做啊?” The internet skeptic was impressed.


A mastercard commercial that Ade sent to me. It reminded me of the JC Penney one. I really like the messages and the aesthetic of both commercials.

Hi, A Real Human Interface

Just saw our last movie at the Singapore Design Film Festival, Craftwork. Hi, a real human interface, from Multitouch Barcelona, was the best clip of the lot, although I also liked The Art of Drowning and to a lesser extent, the potato one.

We also saw Milton Glaser, Rem Koolhaas, Herb & Dorothy as well as Visual Acoustics. Herb and Dorothy was the most enjoyable followed by a tie between Visual Acoustics and Milton Glaser. Visual Acoustics might have been slightly better because Julius Shulman was so charming and the architecture was awe inspiring. Rem Koolhaas was a bore and I almost fell asleep until I realised that they were speaking in Dutch and I had to stay awake to read the subtitles.

How can it be?

I say, and so say I,
My morning thought it knew itself just fine,
Until, across the room,
It caught it’s first glimpse of my afternoon,
How can it be,
That these things live in me?

I say, and so say I,
My morning’s day,
seems nothing like it’s night.
My, night, so self-assured,
was all at sea when faced with dawn’s strange world

How can it be,
That these things live in me?

Forever Thursday

via AdAge