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Month: March, 2010

Slab Serifs

A couple that I like and will try to use in projects:
Sebastian Lester’s Soho (Professional Pack at £807), a super family with 40 fonts. And now with the addition of Soho Gothic, it is even superer.

Stag, especially Stag Dots. I first saw it in Esquire. It was absolutely brilliant. Christian Schwartz can do no wrong.

Calvert: Today I discovered that it was designed by Margaret Calvert, the road sign designer that was featured on Top Gear.

Lubalin Graph (but not the condensed), although with Neutra Slab (US$249) there is simply no reason for it, except if you are on a budget.

Memphis (US$19.95 per weight)

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Ikeahacker to create more table space. Plus paint the two pieces of furniture in the backyard.

Divide and conquer: list and unitask

The idea is to get the links sorted so that things can be found easily.

Notable today

Hitchcock posters reimagined.

Word Project: Odd and obscure words illustrated.

Eames Century Modern: I’m in love

Obama hires Edward Tufte, “Da Vinci of information graphics”

DPA is site of the day

DPA is on page crush.
See more manic page crushes here.

Edit 14 March: It’s on designaside as well.

Links to check out

Typographic posters
Type theory
AIGA Salary Survey
Think for a living

From makeready:
Typefaces no one gets fired for using and its less mature counterpart: typobituaries.
Hand drawn type

And some links to keep:
Gummy bear chandelier
I didn’t even know that there’s a white Olivetti Valentine.

Link Diary

From behance: infographics, Mari, typeface anatomy

From ilovetypography: Frederic Warde Printers Ornaments and typegoodness.

From decor8: Forever is Today

Vanishing Point

What type are you?: I don’t know why I haven’t seen this, it seems so old.

Link to read: The Designer’s Review of Books

Chocolate & Type

From laissezfaire: Fabric flowers for Peter Copping / Nina Ricci Fall

Beautiful Bokeh

Ethereal bokeh type via @jijunn via ilovetypography.

Totally Amazing Posters!

More posters than you can shake a stick at. And yes, they’re amazing ones too.


Paul Rand on permanence

A good solution, in addition to being right, should have the potential for longevity. Yet I don’t think one can design for permanence. One designs for function, for usefulness, rightness, beauty. Permanence is up to God. — Paul Rand

Maunsell Sea Forts

Saw these seaforts via the coolist and have been fascinated ever since. They were built during the Second World War and most of them are in varying states of decay. One of them remains inhabited has even become a micronation.