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Link Diary

From behance: infographics, Mari, typeface anatomy

From ilovetypography: Frederic Warde Printers Ornaments and typegoodness.

From decor8: Forever is Today

Vanishing Point

What type are you?: I don’t know why I haven’t seen this, it seems so old.

Link to read: The Designer’s Review of Books

Chocolate & Type

From laissezfaire: Fabric flowers for Peter Copping / Nina Ricci Fall


Beautiful Bokeh

Ethereal bokeh type via @jijunn via ilovetypography.

Maunsell Sea Forts

Saw these seaforts via the coolist and have been fascinated ever since. They were built during the Second World War and most of them are in varying states of decay. One of them remains inhabited has even become a micronation.


My little sister is now a mother. This photo of Aaden was taken when he was just a few hours old. He had us all marvelling at his headful of black hair, sideburns and hairy ears.

I wanna get this Helveticaca onesie for him.

Love is…

Now that we’ve moved to a more permanent place, mom’s been asking me to bring back all my stuff from her storeroom. And I’m still surprised by the things that I can find in there. This little gem of a book used to belong to my aunt, and I think it’s a fun read for Valentine’s Day. It’s from 1971 and seriously yellowed but Kim Grove’s drawings are cute as hell, and sweet without being sappy.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Btw, I got flowers yesterday — 14 roses to be exact, one for each year. It was totally unexpected. I’m trying out this tutorial to get softer colours. But I think it need a few more tries at it.


I went a little balloon crazy last night and hearted a whole bunch of pretty balloon pictures.

Unhappy Hipsters

Unhappy hipsters Images of cool modernist architecture meets sardonic, anti-cool captions.