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Totally Amazing Posters!

More posters than you can shake a stick at. And yes, they’re amazing ones too.



Paul Rand on permanence

A good solution, in addition to being right, should have the potential for longevity. Yet I don’t think one can design for permanence. One designs for function, for usefulness, rightness, beauty. Permanence is up to God. — Paul Rand


Jenny sent me this poetic window display for Hermes by Tokujin Yoshioka. In mersmerising slow motion, the “model” — a face on a TV screen or a projection on the wall — breathes life into the iconic Hermes scarf, which in turn swells and flutters.

Apart from the flatscreen and the scarf, the window is unadorned. Everything from the bare faced model, the black and white footage and the spartan window is designed to train the gaze on the scarf.

The idea is could not be more appropriate, the execution is flawless, and the result is breathtaking.

I am just happy that the client did not ask for a more “expensive-looking”, “ornate” or “dressed up” window.

Kuler for Haiti


Hi, A Real Human Interface

Just saw our last movie at the Singapore Design Film Festival, Craftwork. Hi, a real human interface, from Multitouch Barcelona, was the best clip of the lot, although I also liked The Art of Drowning and to a lesser extent, the potato one.

We also saw Milton Glaser, Rem Koolhaas, Herb & Dorothy as well as Visual Acoustics. Herb and Dorothy was the most enjoyable followed by a tie between Visual Acoustics and Milton Glaser. Visual Acoustics might have been slightly better because Julius Shulman was so charming and the architecture was awe inspiring. Rem Koolhaas was a bore and I almost fell asleep until I realised that they were speaking in Dutch and I had to stay awake to read the subtitles.

A designer’s wet dream

Swiss International Airline identity system by Winkreative. via smeek.

Full Circle

I can’t find this link on alternatives to Arial and Verdana. I think it was on simple bits or one of them css blogs but I can’t find it now. I know it’s not this though there are some useful links in the reference.